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Laura Morningstar Motivational Talks Turning Lifes Curve Balls into Home Runs

Laura Morningstar is a funny and beautifully engaging speaker to have at any woman centred event.



All the topics Laura covers can be adapted for a teenage audience be it in school, club or private setting. Laura can help troubled youngsters with their problems.

Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum

Laura can speak to womens groups or any gender on the spectrum of LGBTQIA and relate to those of them in trouble. Motivating them onto the path of acceptance, strength and happiness.



With her engaging style of public speaking Laura can lend her voice to events of varying size and theme.

Laura Takes Audiences on a Journey from Grief to Greatness

Motivational and inspiring Laura has experienced some of the worst of what life can throw at a person, she has even been known to joke that if her life was a Coronation Street plot it would seem a little far-fetched.

Sexual Abuse ~ Teenage Pregnancy ~ Bankruptcy ~ Rape ~ Lone Parenting ~ Bereavement ~ Domestic Violence ~ Baby Loss ~ Chronic Illness

All provide the backdrop to this amazing womans life. Within moments of being in her presence you will realise Laura is a survivor with a strength of spirit that shines throughout the amazing journey she will take you on with her words.

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As a coach, writer, speaker, and educator Laura is here to provide support, inspiration and a kick start to those turning their lives around

A successful entrepreneur Laura believes in living a life of love and joy. She feels exceptionally fortunate to be able to work and support her clients to step into their own naked truth and embrace their own unique power.

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