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Last night, I put a post in a Facebook group for a business course that I am doing, about how I didn’t feel comfortable engaging with the group, as there seemed to be a movement to talk about heart-centered businesses without all the “hippy nonsense”. It wasn’t that I was offended by my fellow practitioners, entrepreneurs and business women feeling this way, but that it made me wonder about where I fit within this group because I am, shock horror, a hippy.

Wow! I have said it and the sky didn’t fall in; I am a hippy at heart. I have often joked with my mum that I was born in the wrong decade, that I have should have been around in the mid to late 60s as I would have fit in well with the hippy revolution. Oh, to have been able to be part of a convoy that travelled across Europe or the United States, would have satisified my wandering spirit to the core.

I believe in the power of the moon, essential oils, crystals, reiki, flower essences and many more. I believe that sex is a spiritual as well as physical experience and I believe that the modern world has robbed women of that spiritual connection. However, I also believe in science and research; I love showing how the two blend and interact, how they relate to each other. Yet I am also straight-talking; I don’t waffle for hours about woo-woo, I won’t try and convince anyone that a piece of quartz will cure all their ills (although it may definitely help). I help women walk a path where they can experience the science and the mystical, where they can access both, and learn how they interact with each other.

It makes me cross that something that helps us access both the emotional and physical is hippy nonsense until there is science to back it up? Yet once the science is in place people work so fucking hard to distance it from any hippy connotation?

So yes I am a hippy, sacred sexuality coach, speaker, writer and educator but I don’t wear tie-dye, rings on my fingers or bells on my toes (well not often anyways).

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