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Review: Identity, an Eroticon Anthology

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Eroticon UK is an event for writers who identify as sex bloggers, reviewers or erotica authors. It is a welcoming and inclusive space for both experienced writers and those new to the field. Following the 2016 event, it was announced that a new team were taking over its running and as part of their vision, they wanted to release an anthology reflecting the diversity of the writers who attend.

Identity: An Eroticon Anthology has been edited by experienced erotica author Anna Sky and released by new publisher, Resonance Press. Within its pages you’ll get a true feel for the breadth of styles and subjects that are covered by the sex writing community. There is a blend of both non-fiction and fiction pieces which is unusual for this type of anthology and it surprisingly works. The juxtaposition of pieces has a natural flow and the changes in subject matter and writing style feel almost organic. In my opinion it shows an editor who is sensitive to their subject matter.

The pieces showcase a range of sexualities and viewpoints from Ella Scandal’s bold fiction “I Am Woman” to more academic writing (Meg-John Barker) and personal musings (Marie Rebelle). The writers aren’t scared to talk about topics such as bisexual erasure, BDSM experiences, transgender identity issues and disability.

In particular Emmeline Peaches’ approach to sex toys in her “The Right Vibe” was, from my perspective as a sacred sexuality coach, the standout paragraph of the entire anthology:

The moment you start considering sex toys as fundamentally identity-driven then, they cease to be objects, they can never be seen as a ‘male substitute’ (or any other asinine ‘real-feel’ comparison), and they will always have a place in the world. Framing adult products in this way gives us the potential to see them as they really are – tools for incredibly intuitive and immensely intimate self-exploration and a means through which to disclose and share ourselves with those around us.

This paragraph is so important for us as women, in fact for us as human beings. There should be no shame, no taboo, no fucking embarassment around sex toys. They should not come with feelings of inadequacy but should be celebrated as part of a fulfilling sex life.

If I had one criticism, it would be that for me it was jarring to have the author bios after each individual piece and I would prefer for them all to be at the end, as I found it detracted from my natural reading flow.

If you’d like to find out more about Eroticon UK, click here and Resonance Press, click here. To buy the anthology, click here.

Disclaimer: I purchased my paperback copy as soon as it became available. These are my personal views.

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